5 Fun Things You Can Do With Eggs

You know that eggs are a good source of protein; and with fewer than 80 calories each, they’re also a caloric bargain. But the fact is, eggs can be kind of boring—at least if you’re scrambling, frying, or boiling them over and over again. Enter: these genius new ways to use eggs, courtesy of some of our favorite food bloggers.


Make Them Heart-Shaped
Here’s a fun fact: You can mold hard-boiled eggs into hearts (and other shapes!). It’s actually pretty simple to do, too—just use these tips from food blogger Anna The Red.


Fry Them on a Waffle Iron
This clever hack from The Novice Chef couldn’t be simpler: Just use an egg in place of waffle batter, and leave the waffle maker open while the egg cooks.

Put an Onion Ring On It
When you fry an egg on a standard-sized pan or griddle, the egg whites tend to run away from the yolk—and sometimes get overdone in the process. If you don’t have a mini, egg-sized pan handy (um, who does?), use this tip from Apron Strings, and crack your egg into a fresh onion ring. It’ll add extra flavor and cook your breakfast more evenly.

Dye It a Pretty Pastel Color
Why stop at decorating Easter egg shells? This deviled-egg trick from FOODjimoto makes the edible part look festive, too.

Hide It In a Healthy Meatball.
Traditionally, Scotch eggs are made with fatty meats, then deep-fried. (Meaning: They aren’t even remotely healthy.) However, this baked version from Leaf Parade is made with turkey and Mediterranean spices—and looks pretty delicious.



source: www.womenshealthmag.com

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