3 Things women just don’t do anymore

3 Things women just don’t do anymore

With evolving gender roles, the time when a woman’s greatest duty was taking care of her man, has become a bygone era.

No longer are women only homemakers, in fact, they’ve become Miss Independent with job titles that regularly out-rank their man’s. Today’s breed of women are multi-faceted and their ambitions to live a self-actualized and vivid life have taken them beyond the confines of the home she has built together with her partner.

Women want their careers and their loving home. But maybe there are a few things that women just don’t do anymore and that they should.

Here are 3 things women just don’t do anymore:


A career woman spends most of her day dealing in the office. Time is money. Needless to say, she will see no worth in spending valuable time pondering about groceries and what she should cook for her partner when she comes home after a long and tiring day.

Ladies, your man will definitely appreciate a home-cooked meal. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Too busy? Try pre-planed meals and keep things simple but different.


Why do the dirty work when she can afford to pay someone else to clean for her? Ironing, polishing silver, cleaning the windows, laundry and other domestic duties don’t really have a place in a busy woman’s schedule. It’s just more effective to delegate. Picking up after herself is less of a priority when she knows she’ll come home to a spotless home that she didn’t have to break a nail to have.


Coordinating and planning daily outfits for work – hairstyle, accessories, clothes, shoes, purse and fragrance – is a lot of work already. When your woman comes home, she’ll naturally want to strip down to comfortable basics to spend time with you, even if it’s a date night.

Looking frumpy definitely is no excuse. Ladies, keep your allure and put as much effort regardless if it was a new hot suitor or its your husband of 50 years. He’ll definitely notice and appreciate the extra effort.

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