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Kelly Rowland is one busy lady. The ex Destiny’s Child singer, who is working on her fifth studio album, has just been named as the Caress Fabulista for 2014! What I need to know is how she keeps her skin looking so smooth and glowing. The major Unilever brand will feature Kelly in their promotional efforts through this year. She’ll be sharing her favorite fashion trends and the latest news on their fine fragrance body washes on the Caress Facebook page.

Kelly recently took a break to chat with The Powder Room about her beauty routine, how she gets ready for a show – and what product is always in her purse.

How long does it take for you to get ready for a show?

It takes me about an hour to get ready. Maybe a little bit more if I’m trying to get focused and really hone in on the energy that I’m about to give out on stage and to the fans. The process is really easy. I actually do my own makeup.

What’s the one product you couldn’t go on stage without?

I just love a lipstick or gloss that’s not going to have my hair stick to it. That is very irritating. But I like to switch up my lip glosses every now and then, just to try a new color. I think your fans like to see you change up your look.



Any tips for making the look last all night?

For me, it would be a nice foundation – one you trust. And a good setting powder.

What products are always in your purse?

A thick cream during the winter.

How does fragrance fit into your beauty routine?

I have to start my day with a fragrance. I also think that it’s a signature for a woman. A scent triggers memory, you know exactly who is there — it’s a staple of who you are. And I actually don’t tell my scent, I think it’s a secret.

What about when you’re off-duty?

I like to keep it simple with some mascara, concealer – but my scent is the most important thing. I do not walk out of the house without a scent on.

If you only have time to play up one feature before you leave the house, which would it be?

Eyes. Definitely your eyes. Your eyes are your windows to your soul.


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