FB Newswire: Facebook launches platform to share newsworthy content


fb newswire

Facebook launched Thursday FB Newswire, billed as an online trove of real-time information for journalists and newsrooms to mine while reporting on events or crafting stories.

In partnership with News Corp-owned Storyful, FB Newswire aggregates newsworthy content shared publicly at the social network, including original pictures, videos, and comments posted by “people on the front lines of major events” such as protests, elections and sports matches.

“News is finding a bigger audience on Facebook than ever before,” Facebook director of global media partnership Andy Mitchell said in a blog post. “Journalists and media organizations have become an integral part of Facebook.”

The California-based social network has been ramping up features for real-time sharing and communicating in a challenge to Twitter, which has become a globally used platform for instantly sharing information about current events.

FB Newswire can be reached at facebook.com/FBNewswire and at Twitter account @FBNewswire.

News Corporation, which owns the Wall Street Journal, acquired Storyful in December in a deal valued at about $25 million.

The Dublin, Ireland-based start-up specializes in discovering, verifying and distributing “timely and relevant video and user-generated content” to partners, the list of which includes the Journal, according to News Corp.

“Journalists and media organizations have become an integral part of Facebook,” Mitchell said.

“We’re excited to deepen our relationship with media organizations and journalists in the days to come.”



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  • mburu

    wonder why he did not go open source (linux et al)…

    • Weche

      yeah, it was the perfect chance and now he is letting go, the seductive power of a big name

      • mburu

        yes…imo, linux would be cheaper to run, more efficient (less bugs and virus issues), more effective (easier to customise and develop apps due to open platform)…etc…and then those kids will only know microsoft as adults, hence more money for microsoft. over to you, my president!

  • Joe

    The deal is sealed,they are going the microsoft way,but on a light note,the laptops can accomodate both!! Food for thought!!

  • Gilbert

    Misplaced… We have technicians & Programmers to develop both the hardware and software components for these Laptops or At least make the hardware and use FreeWare software…. This dependency and from the west is why Africa cannot develop while Asia is speeding into super powers ( think about china)

  • Gabby

    Should avoid MS bugs and go the Quanta Computer way……

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