12 reasons your man doesn’t want to have Sex anymore

withholding sex

If your husband stops wanting to have sex with you, the first thing that usually goes through your mind is that he’s having an affair. I mean, why else would a guy turn down a romp in the sack unless he’s getting that romp elsewhere, right??!!! But there’s a lot of reasons that hubby can lose his sex drive. And it’s happening more and more (or at least people are willing to admit it more). I know couples who have been married less than a year and suddenly the guy loses his mojo — guys in their 20s even! In fact, a recent poll found that 62 percent of men turn down sex more than their female partner does. What gives??

Here are 12 reasons your husband may not want to have sex with you — besides having an affair.

#Low testosterone levels. Believe it or not, this is pretty common. Experts seem to think it has something to do with our polluted environment. Not to mention that testosterone levels drop with age. Have hubby get his checked.

#Illness. Diseases such as diabetes, pituitary tumors, renal problems and cystic fibrosis can all apparently affect testosterone levels and libido.

#Medications. Anti-depressants and beta blockers, which are often used for high blood pressure, can make a man lose his sex drive.

#Obesity. Apparently testosterone can get lost in the belly fat. Get him a gym membership and strongly suggest he become familiar with that thing called a treadmill.

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