Curvy Chronicles: One Skirt 3 ways for your curves

Untitled-5(By NJAMIO KARIUKI) I was never a fan of skirts growing up as plus size, I didn’t think they flattered my legs at all. But then I realized the plus size women who I had seen wear them were just wearing them wrong so I avoided them. There are various skirt styles that flatter the plus size frame:


From left to right: The Skater skirt, The swing skirt, The bodycon skirt, The Midi/pencil skirt

On here today is a black and white contrast swing skirt from Asos Curve I found on sale, but best of all are the pleats that I love.  Very often we find ourselves with items in our closets like tops and skirts or a pair of pants that we cannot wear again because we simply can’t figure out how to pair it or we just feel like we can’t wear an outfit twice.

Well, here you’ll learn how to get that skirt you stashed away and pair it 3 different ways making it look completely different every time, basically remixing your outfits.

First, look at different sites or items that give you inspiration, this will help you come up with outfit concepts.

For a formal look:

I had a sweater that was gifted to me a while ago, it is grey which means it goes with pretty much everything and the glasses imprinted on the front inspired me because well…I’m as blind as a bat without mine and the red pumps (you can never go wrong with a red heel) paired with the skirt makes for a formal look I wore to a wedding.



Second, a simple tank top with a statement necklace or blazer is a simple but chic way to change and dress down any bottom, in this case a skirt, and if your skirt has bold colors or patterns, you don’t have to worry about a statement necklace because a simple tank will do.

jkhjCasual look:

I had an informal meeting to attend, so I paired a simple chambray top with 3/4 sleeves and a pastel pink heel and minimal accessories and if you do not feel like spending too much time on styling your hair, do like I did, wrap a quick turban.

Third,  very simply clean out your closet! Take everything out, dust and pair common items, color coordinate, get rid of clothes you absolutely will not wear again and give to charity, doing this will reduce the clutter and allow you to pay attention to what is really in your closet, gems in disguise! Because decluttering will allow you to focus on detail.skirtBusiness look: I put together a collage with a similar skirt, a halter top for some sexiness and a colored blazer for a pop of vibrant, and to cover the arms, stockings to keep it business without showing skin and a sky high heel to demand attention! With this look it is easy to slide over to nighttime, for instance, if the co-workers wanted to go for happy hour after work, simply take off the blazer and stockings,add a bold lip and voila! Straight from the office to party.



Stay Curvy and Confident.


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