Menstruation? Yes, there are apps for that

menstrual calender app

Mixing the completely human with the highest of tech, menstruation apps ensure you’ll never forget about the madness that is your monthlies, Ladies.

Whether you just want to make sure you have extra pads or tampons on hand, or your boyfriend just wants to know when is the best time to take a trip to the Coast of Kenya, here are three apps that help track your menstruation cycle.

Period Tracker Lots of apps predict your period’s monthly due date. But Period Tracker doesn’t base its projections on the standard, 28-day calendar—since so few women’s bodies actually adhere to it. Instead, it calculates the average length of your last three cycles, so it can more accurately predict the date your flow is going to show up. That way you’ll know when to stash tampons in your purse so you won’t be caught off guard. Free on Android and iOS

Virtual Nurse – Birth Control Ever wished you could have a birth control expert on call to get her take on a puzzling contraception-related situation? This app, developed by Harvard Medical School, is like having your own RN in your pocket. Ask a question, and voice-activated Nurse Alice will respond with follow-up inquiries to help solve your BC issue. Free on Android

Menstrual Calender Pretty in pastel pink, this app makes being a woman, fun. This app almost does it all: Track period, ovulation, temperature, weight & more. Customizable calendar with icons make the app fun. You can also customize your symptoms, which can vary woman to woman. The Smart Forecast uses historical data to forecast menstruation and ovulation. Worried about privacy, the app is password protected and all the information can be backup-ed and restored.  Free on Android

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