How long should you wait before having sex after childbirth?

How long should you wait before having sex after childbirth

When you’re pregnant, your emotions might take a toll on your sex drive.  At first, hormonal fluctuations, fatigue and nausea might zap your sexual desire. As your pregnancy progresses, weight gain, back pain and other symptoms might further dampen your enthusiasm for sex.

Some will be able to get it on with no problem, while others may not be as lucky – decreased libido during a difficult pregnancy.

Ten months later, you’ve finally given birth to a beautiful baby. Feeling a little sore and tired may be an understatement, but the thought of getting intimate with your partner may not be exactly a top priority.

But if you are thinking of getting it on again, how long should you wait before you have sex?

According to OB-Gyn Laura McKain of, “Oral sex and other forms of “outercourse” like masturbation are safe a few days after delivery.” This could be a great way to share pleasure during the four- to six-week waiting period for intercourse.

Some new mothers may have had a episiotomy or a vaginal laceration repair, which would’ve required stitches, and as a result will need more time to heal.

Worrying about infections? McKain explains that that the bacteria in your partner’s mouth should cause no worry as long as its outercourse.

“Stay away from the vagina and the perineum and everything should be fine.”

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