Adultery website says “Life is short, have an affair”


Canada-based adultery website’s slogan is “Life is short, have an affair.” With more than 25 million subscribers in 35 countries and USD $90 million in revenue last year, Ashley Madison is definitely tapping into a market that very few believed in.

Online infidelity numbers have soared since Ashley Madison launched in 2002 and founder Noel Biderman sees very little problem with providing for this demand.

“No one can show me a culture on the planet where infidelity doesn’t happen,” Biderman told The Sydney Morning Herald.  “Infidelity was always there. The site fills a void in many married men and women’s hearts.” Further, Biderman shared with AFP, “This is not an online brothel. It’s a social network for like-minded people.”

According to Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, some 22 per cent of men and 14 per cent of women will cheat on their spouses at least once during their marriage.

But has the existence of sites like Ashley Madison encouraged infidelity?

Ashley Madison recently launched in South Korea. Within a week, 46,000 people had signed-up and Biderman said the company was targeting a membership of around 500,000 — or one percent of the total population.

If Ashley Madison were to launch in Kenya, would it be successful? Would you sign up?

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