Dermablend’s amazing bare-faced ads inspires people to reveal who they are


Known for its corrective cosmetics, Dermablend, recently released ads – Camo Confessions – a series of videos that are inspiring and relatable.

Dermablend allows its customers to reveal themselves for who they truly are, no matter what type of skin condition they may have.

YouTube star and model, Cassandra Bankson, famed for her video “Acne Foundation Routine Flawless Skin” has more than 22 million views, reveals her skin, acne-proned, under her perfectly made-up face. Praised by many viewers for her courage to reveal her true skin, Bankson was enlisted by Dermablend to do the same through the new Camo Confessions.

In another video, Cheri Lindsay who has a skin pigmentation condition called vitiligo, also wiped clean her face and spoke freely into the camera about her struggles with her skin condition to inspire others.

“Inviting you to blend in to stand out,” Cheri shared in her Camo Confession video.

Both women share their inspiring, relatable and real stories and invite others to as well through making a short Camo Confession video of their own to inspire others to see past their imperfections.

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