3 Tips for capturing the picture-perfect selfie


As the makers of arguably the world’s best camera phone at the moment – the 41 Megapixel Lumia 1020 – it seems fitting that Nokia is giving selfie advice.

So, how can one master the art of taking a selfie?

Nokia shares 6 tips that you can read here. But in the meantime, checkout the following 3 tips for capturing the perfect selfie:


Does your head look massive or does your arm look fat and gigantic? Do you look like a dwarf or perhaps your cheekbones suddenly have disappeared? Taking a selfie is all about being self-aware of your body. Make sure your arm is at the right length from your body.


The truth is your face will only be soooo interesting for a short period of time. After a few selfies, people really don’t care about your face, but rather will be interested in the locations you actually are in.


Find your best angle. Shooting from slightly above the head will help hide any spare chins. Ensure there’s space between your arms and body – otherwise, your selfie may look obese.

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