Curvy Chronicles: Unleashing your inner Feline

(By NJAMIO KARIUKI) You can always tap into your wild side with some Animal print. Leopard print has always been used to make a statement. It has been around for a while and was used as a statement of wealth, from days of Shaka Zulu to Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. This trend has been carried on from season to season and I believe will never get outdated, in this day and age the trends change so fast, it’s hard to keep up, but you never have to worry about being out of date by wearing some leopard print. Leopard print is ideal when it comes to rocking animal print because any other type just doesn’t work. I am yet to find zebra print that looks appealing. I mean It’s not easy making zebra stripes look attractive on anything but the zebra. So I would recommend staying away from it, especially as a curvy woman, it does not flatter our curves at all.

Leopard print can be styled in so many different ways from a purr to a roar. Good thing with prints is a little goes a long way, you can simply make a statement by donning a printed scarf, shoes or clutch.NJAMZ

Embrace your inner feline and depending on your style of dress, find whats suits you. You can incorporate animal print in a punk rock look,or a minimalist style, to the board room at work. There are also various colors and types of leopard prints, of course since the materials are man-made now, they can be altered to all sorts of colors and patterns,

Layering is a great option, just pick your print of choice and layer onto it to make the look subtle. This is if you are more reserved or for professional settings such as work or meetings


The trend recently has been the minimalist approach(use of solid colors and bold angles) , where you can wear an LBD (little black dress) or solid color skirt suit and a printed skinny belt alone.

If accessorizing is your forte, rock a print scarf or clutch. Maasai market have big animal print bangles for an affordable price.

Leopard print lovers need not be weary, this trend is far from extinct and since the weekend is here go outside the box, try something new! surprise your friends.


Stay Curvy and Confident.

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