Happy St. Patrick’s Day: Jameson unveils exclusive label, CFM in Dublin


In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson Irish whiskey has unveiled the fourth in its series of limited edition St. Patrick’s Day bottles.

Sold in 40 markets worldwide, Irish illustrator Dermot Flynn’s design features a renowned Dublin pub, The Stag’s Head, historical figures and a few of Dublin’s famous phrases.

Daniel Lundberg, global brand director for Jameson, told The Drinks Report: “In addition to its taste, one of the things that whiskey fans around the world tell us they love about Jameson is its intrinsic Irish character. Jameson embodies the down-to-earth character of Dubliners so with this new limited edition, we wanted to bring that to life and celebrate the great city which inspired John Jameson to make his whiskey for the first time over 230 years ago. The new bottle design has been very well-received by our customers around the world resulting in more markets than ever selling this year’s edition, so we’re hopeful that Irish whiskey fans around the world will love it too and make it a part of their special St Patrick’s Day celebrations, wherever they may be.”

In addition to the exclusive bottle, every year, Jameson celebrates St. Patrick’s Day by inviting radio broadcasters from around the world to do their shows from the Old Jameson Distillery on Dublin’s Bow Street – including Kenya’s ‘The Best Mix of Music’ Capital FM!

Stay tuned for more live updates from the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Dublin courtesy of Capital FM’s Cess Mutungi and Joe Muchiri.

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