8 types of Sex that bring you closer together


#5) Doing it in total silence. Whether it’s because you don’t want to wake your parents while you’re visiting home for the holidays or because you live in a tiny, cramped apartment with multiple roommates and thin walls, having sex when you can’t make any noises forces you to learn to communicate with each other in different, more intimate ways than you might be used to, using eye contact, your hands, and just remembering how well you know each other.

#6) Sex that goes wrong. A cramped muscle. Falling off the bed. A, um, problem with liftoff. These things happen, and they’re embarrassing, but once you’ve blushed and laughed and gotten over it with a guy, you’re closer than ever.

#7) All-day sex. Not literally, because you’d pass out from exhaustion. But the kind of Sunday where you stay in bed all day, sleeping, watching TV, making out, talking, and, of course, doing it, stopping only for snack and bathroom breaks. Unsurprisingly, the kind of sex where you can’t bear to leave each other’s side makes you feel a lot more connected than the kind where you get dressed and leave five minutes later.

#8) Doing it for the first time, period. Even if it doesn’t lead to a relationship or even feel very meaningful, this person still knows you now in a way that only a pretty small portion of the world does. That doesn’t mean the same thing to every person, or with every partner they might have, but it means something.

How many of these kinds of sex have you had? What makes you feel closer than ever during sex?

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