8 types of Sex that bring you closer together


According to Gena Kaufman of Glamour Magazine, there are a lot of different kinds of sex: hot and heavy, slow and sweet, quick and comfortable, etc. They can all be fun in different ways, but there are certain kinds of sex that bring a couple closer and closer together in their relationship. Here are a few of them.

#1) Having sex with the lights on. Most one-night stands or first times happen late at night (not to mention that sometimes, they’re in a booze haze as well). But once you’ve hooked up in broad daylight (and with a clear mind), with all your flaws out there to see without a veil of darkness, and you still find each other attractive? That’s intimacy.

#2) Middle-of-the-night sex. The kind where you both half wake up and just can’t keep your hands off each other at 4 in the morning. It makes you feel like you’re totally in tune, even in your sleep.

#3) Trying something new. It can be scary to experiment with something you’ve never tried before, making you feel vulnerable and nervous. But doing so together, especially if you talk each other through it, ends up making you feel more comfortable with the other person in the end.

#4) Really, really comfortable sex. The kind where you’ve been together for so long, you’ve got it down to a choreographed routine, down to the minute, and you both get completely satisfied. Of course, you need to break out of this sometimes or you’d get in a rut, but sometimes, being so damn efficient together makes you want to high-five each other for being perfectly practiced together.

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