Kenyan runners featured in Nike Free campaign

nike free kenya

Kenya’s elite runners are featured in the current global Nike Free campaign.

According to Nike, Kenyan athletes have dominated international competitions and rewritten record books by “simply doing what comes naturally.”

At 8,000 feet above sea level is an entire community in perpetual motion. Kids easily run 10k each way to school and back, travelling to town like others would ride a bus. To the store, to friends, to family, they run. This is their normal: a life lived and explored on foot.

The kids who grew up running these roads now run around the world, across finish lines,to the top of sport. When running comes as naturally as breathing, even the most astonishing feats can be made to seem effortless.

Simply put, “Today’s elites were raised on running.”

The campaign features Kenyans Micah Kogo, Abel Mutai, Eunice Sum, Mike Kigen, Bethwell Birgen, Asbel Kiprop, Mercy Cherono and Hellen Obiri.

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