Nairobi-based fashion production house collaborates with French street artist

 panah Philippe Baudelocque

The Kenyan garment manufacturing sector has evolved in the last few years with more fashion production houses moving away from massive orders where margins are small and hours are long, to partnering with high-end international brands where bespoke craftsmanship and artisan finishes matter more.

Panâh, a Nairobi-based fashion production house that creates ethical employment opportunities and invests in its employees and their communities, has becoming one of the local Kenyan trailblazers in the garment manufacturing sector. Panâh provides consulting, sourcing, and manufacturing services for high-end US and European design houses as well as emerging African fashion brands with a specific interest of building local capacity and promoting trade with Africa. It is also Panâh’s goal to establish Africa as a global source of luxury products in the future.

The Kenyan fashion production house is proud to announce a new collaboration with celebrated French street artist Philippe Baudelocque. From 14th March 2014 Philippe Baudelocque will create artworks at Panah’s Nairobi production house and Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. At Panah, the street artist will produce artwork symbolizing the craftsmanship and community, whilst Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage will host a drawing of an elephant, contributing to anti-poaching awareness raising campaign.

Baudelocque is best known for his street chalk art – often drawing on black background, and creating enormous, intricately designed animalism.

For more of Philippe Baudelocque’s work, please visit You can find out more about Panâh here


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