Kenyan mockumentary ‘The Samaritans’ premieres in Nairobi


In recent weeks, the Internet has been set alight by the relatively unexpected buzz around a new witty mockumentary filmed and produced in Kenya – ‘The Samaritans.’

‘The Samaritans’ is a television series that is centered around the absurdities of one dysfunctional NGO (non-governmental organization). Set in the fictional Aid for Aid Kenyan field office, the cast of talented actors have to navigate through “odd demands and decisions” of their head office, “hopelessly inept local bureaucrats” and of course still realize their individual character’s passion for “saving” Africa.

Produced by Xeinium, a television and film production house based in Nairobi, Kenya, ‘The Samaritans’ clearly has struck a sensitive chord with international audiences. With only two full episodes produced and available for rent on, the overwhelming press coverage has come as quite a surprise, including even to those that starred in the production.

“When I first read the script, I laughed and instantly new this [The Samaritans] would be a wonderful project,” Capital Lifestyle Magazine’s Susan Wong revealed. “When we [The Samaritans] started appearing in different newspapers it was like ’Okay,’ but, when even BuzzFeed posted a piece on us, that was like ‘WHOA!’ Just last week I was interviewed by a Norwegian newspaper – how does that happen?”  The Lifestyle journalist-turned-actress played Carolina in the mockumentary.

In a special Premiere and Screening, Xeinium has partnered with Moonlight Cinema to celebrate the success of ‘The Samaritans,’ on 12th March 2014, in Nairobi, Kenya.

The exclusive evening will see Moonlight Cinema bring their signature outdoor theater experience and the entire cast of ‘The Samaritans’ reunited once again.





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