3 everyday products that double as makeup removers


Here is a makeup scenario…You are a makeup junkie, you have to wear it every day, you can’t do without it… which means you have to remove it  every night before going to bed because clogged pores? Hell to the No! You get home late one night and just when you are about to go through your make up removal process you realize you are out of your makeup removal products. What to do? What to do?

Fret not! The solution is very simple and right in your house…These 3 are Skin-friendly makeup removers that will leave your face all clean and fresh.

1.    Milk

Milk is already used in a number of beauty products  as it has that special soothing effect on skin. Just simply soak a piece of cotton wool in milk, remove the make up on your face  and then rinse off with warm water.


2.    Olive oil

Olive oil is softer on your eyes and won’t sting . Just dip a cotton ball into some olive oil and swipe off your eye makeup.


3.    Baby oil

If you need to remove really dark makeup like the smoky  eye or a bold lipstick then baby oil is your friend. With your ball of cotton , just dab on some baby oil and then wipe off your makeup.