Print your engagement ring using 3D Printing and Google Earth

american pearl

About to propose? Want to give your fiancé a bespoke and unique ring? Now, you can design your own ring and have it printed in 3D so that the exact customized wax mould can be produced, finished with hand-set jewels to your choice.

According to Forbes, jeweler Eddie Bakhash, CEO of American Pearl, aims to shake up the industry using the combination of computer-aided design software and Solidscape T-76 3D printer to provide customers with a finished product in 3 or 4 days.

Prospective customers head to or to begin the unique process.

“There are thousands of designs, millions of combinations and billions of permutations,” Bakhash tells Forbes.

With this new approach, Bakhash is able to cut labour costs and pass the savings to the consumer.

The creativity doesn’t end there, using Google Earth, Bakhash’s company is able to create perfectly scaled 3D models of landmarks like Paris’ Eiffel Tower into charms and other uses.

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