Tokyo fair showcases latest sex aids

sex show tokyo

The latest sex aids are no longer simple gadgets, with many now digitised and linked to smartphones — some manufacturers at a Tokyo fair even insist they are just like home appliances.

Twenty-four manufacturers and brands of sex goods from around the world, including from mainland China and Hong Kong, are showcasing their latest adult products at the “Pink Tokyo” sex fair.

The three-day show, which runs until Sunday, is the largest of its kind in the Japanese capital since 2007, with a wealth of vibrators, lubricant oil and artificial vaginas on offer.

“Sex goods are becoming more and more sophisticated and stylish,” said Minori Kitahara, president of Love Piece Club, a Tokyo sex goods store for women.

“Products that are safe and made with high quality materials, which can operate very quietly, are becoming the mainstream. They are also warranted for a year, just like home appliances.”

Japanese sex aid maker Rends demonstrated its latest artificial vagina — the A10 Cyclone SA — a sleek cylinder, about 30 centimetres (12 inches) long, which can be remotely connected to a computer or a smart phone.

The rotating barrel inside has seven different speeds, the company said, advertising it as a “sexual home appliance”.

“Feel free to use at night when your family is sleeping, without worries,” it said.

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