Oscar host DeGeneres mocks French cinema in spoof video


A woman holding an umbrella in the sunshine, a mysterious man wearing a fake moustache and the moon reflected in a cup of black coffee.

These are all scenes from a new short film mocking the clichés of French filmmaking, put together by the host of the upcoming Oscars, Ellen DeGeneres.

The American comedian unveiled the video on Monday’s edition of her eponymous talk show, billing it as her very first attempt at a French film.

Entitled “La Croissant et le Faux Moustache” (“The Croissant and the Fake Moustache), it features all the key ingredients of a ‘nouvelle vague’ classic – a cryptic storyline, awkwardly framed shots and more than just a hint of pretension, all accompanied, of course, by the sound of an accordion.

At the end of the short film, the credits unveil a star-studded, if somewhat dubious, cast, including Bradley Cooper as “man with ponytail”, Kate Middleton as “girl with umbrella” and Pippa Middleton as “Kate Middleton’s stand in”.

DeGeneres will host the 86th Academy Awards on March 2nd. It will be the second time she has hosted the awards.

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