Nairobi Restaurant Week is an overwhelming success!


Nairobi Restaurant Week wrapped up in early February, providing foodies a full 8 days to dine at 50 different restaurants.

The response was overwhelming with Bamboo, Zen Garden and Jiko at Tribe Hotel both selling out their 250 limited-edition offering within the first three days and several others such as About Thyme and Pablos, Best Western recording similar numbers as well.

Nairobi Restaurant Week (NRW) in partnership with Heineken is about applauding the finest food the city has to offer. Whilst the top chefs have been busy putting their gastronomic skills to the test, restaurant-goers too did not disappoint. Many Kenyans, mostly young professionals, made use of this wonderful opportunity to dine out at the more premium, exclusive and otherwise pricier establishments. Online booking engine EATOUT noted that 85% of reservations were being made by women, with most of these made for couples. More than half the people were also making multiple reservations to try as many outlets as they can within the eight day campaign.

Shreya Karia, Director at Taste Events noted ‘Nairobi residents have used this as a wonderful opportunity to discover new gems within the local dining scene that they would normally not frequent. Across the board we’ve seen patrons embrace the spirit of Nairobi Restaurant Week by getting out there and indulging their culinary palate like never before. The restaurants have done an exceptional job in ensuring they delivered a great experience.’

Koen Morshuis, General Manager of the HEINEKEN East Africa Import Company says “We are very impressed by these first results and are happy to see that Kenyans are opening their world by sampling new dishes and restaurants. We also see this appreciation for quality in the great response Heineken® is receiving from consumers.”

Capital Lifestyle can’t wait for the next Nairobi Restaurant Week!

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