The Tusker Twende Kazi reality show kicks off


The Tusker Twende Kazi reality show kicked off yesterday at Uhuru Gardens as all the 50 contestants made up of 25 teams were revealed. Team 1 members consisting of Ezekiel Kemboi and Michael Nduati  set off with the “relay bottle”  to face tasks ahead in a bid to get that bottle to Humphrey Kayange London.

The teams are as follows:

Team 1: Ezekiel Kemboi & Michael Nduati
Team 2: Nameless & Wandia Ma
Team 3: Philip Mwaniki & Miller Ronoh
Team 4: Radio & David Mwita
Team 5: Weasel & Purity Wines
Team 6: Jaguar & Edwin Mudaki
Team 7: Navio & Anthony Gitonga
Team 8: Papa Shirandula & Abba Ndire
Team 9: Pinky Ghelani & Thorn Muli
Team 10: Jalang’o & John Kimani
Team 11: Janet Wanja & Hardlyne Lusui
Team 12: Maurice Kirya & David Kimaro
Team 13: Allan Wanga & Vanessa Anyango
Team 14: Fred Obachi Machoka & Grace Mwelu
Team 15: Jeremy Onyango & Simon Mwanzia
Team 16: Bebe Cool & Mercy Kuria
Team 17: Flavia Tumusiime & Charles Kibinda
Team 18: Eve D’Souza & Kennedy Majau
Team 19: Lucy Wangui & Michael Munyoki
Team 20: Jacob Keli & Anthony Gwaro
Team 21: Séanice Kacungira & George Karumbi
Team 22: Collo & Arnold Murunga
Team 23: DJ Adrian & Jenny Muigai
Team 24: STL & Perry Kizia
Team 25: Kipchoge Keino & Clement Ogwang’


What Tusker Twende Kazi is all about

#TwendeKazi is all about rallying Kenyans to show the resilience and spirit of togetherness that makes the country great in a relay kind of race to deliver a Tusker to Humphrey Kayange who is in London and misses home.

This journey is meant to demonstrate the resilience of the Kenyan spirit to achieve whatever it sets out to do; it is a nation-building mission. It is further aimed at bringing East Africans together and igniting the belief that we can do anything, demonstrating that together, we can make a little bit of Kenya go a long way.

Through a 50-day journey to 8 countries, 25 teams of two will take the long and sometimes tough journey through obstacles to find a way to get to London. They have only their strength and charm to get by – no money in their wallets, and must rely on goodwill from strangers. Each team has a time limit to get the Tusker bottle to the next team in the relay; no delays! They do this not to win any race or money, but to show what a great country and people we are.
The show will air every Sunday from 8pm on Citizen tv.

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