Curvy Chronicles: It’s Wellingtons season!


(By NJAMIO) Rainy season is slowly creeping in, with showers here and there, well I guess we needed it with as many complaints as there were about the heat, this should cool things down a bit.  The Wellingtons as we know them as gum boots were popularized by Arthur Wellesley , 1st Duke of Wellington, they were soon recognized as rubber boots known by the British for hunting and outdoor activities. However we in Kenya know and recognize them as gumboots.

Growing up you hardly saw any kids wearing the gum boots because they were considered “shady”, at least growing up as a 80’s child that was the notation and whenever it rained and got muddy outside we saw it as punishment when our parents made us wear gum boots. Well, fashion is evolving and Wellingtons are now trendy.  Many wear them on a rainy/snowy day out with friends or to work, you tend to see people not spending all day in them because they tend to feel heavy and bulky.  Many women can be observed styling them to work but most often carry an extra pair of pumps to change into.

Gum boots can be styled in various ways, the can be bought at Bata available in different vibrant colors than you can pair with something in your closet.

They go best paired with skirts and skinny jeans and not a pair of loose fitting dress pants, because you are just going to look awkward if one tries to tuck it in. They are so versatile in this day and age where they come in various styles and designs, unlike the olden days where they were only available in an unflattering green and brown color. Below are various types of boots and also how I wore my pair on a snowy day. What counts is the non-slip rubber sole to avoid accidents in slippery situations:




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