Gillette Fact: 85% of women can’t stand the “Rick Ross” look


Gillette conducted a study in the USA “Kiss and Tell Gillette” which found out that the women fear kissing men with a beard. It also found out that a large number of women found men who are clean shaven as attractive and believed them to be successful. We did a small dipstick here in Kenya and the findings were very similar. Most ladies say that they believe people with beards to either be in education (professors), entertainment (the Rick Ross look) or kept a beard for religious purposes e.g. Muslim male faithful’s.

The Rick Ross look
The Rick Ross look

Gillette conducts studies of male grooming and shaving and each year they come up with interesting findings.

Summary of findings of the study:

•85% of women prefer kissing a smooth shaven man

•1 in 3 women have avoided kissing a man because he had facial hair

•67% of women think a guy with a beard would be scratchy

•37% of women think a guy with a beard is lazy

•55% of women say that kissing a guy with a beard had irritated their faces to the extent of them using extra make up, avoiding intimacy and even using a band aid!!


Finally fun facts about shaving

•35% of men consider the Mohawk the worst hairstyle of all time

•1.3 billion Men shave with a blade and razor.

•400 million men shave with an electric shaver.

•Globally, men spend, on average $26.76 for blades and razors per year.

•More than 1.7 billion men worldwide age 15 years and older remove hair.

•FACT: When a boy turns 18 in the US, Gillette sends him a pair of razors and blades.

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