These 3 foods could be ruining your sex life


It is a proven fact that what you eat will affect how you feel. If you eat clean you will always feel alive and energetic and if you eat “unclean” you will always feel tired, lazy and perhaps even bloated. This link to food and feelings will also apply to your sex life and your “sexual moods” as well. Find out how right below.

#If you are a fan of cheeseburgers, meat lasagne, bacon…

…then you should know that the saturated fats found in fatty meats and most cheeses can clog up your arteries and especially your penal and vaginal arteries which collect plaque the fastest because of their small size. This is no news that your sex drive will be largely affected.

#If you indulge in muffins and processed baked goods often…

…then you are probably indulging your body in trans fats. These trans fats clog your arteries and in turn reduce your testosterone levels which in other words means lower sex drive.

#If you are a fan of soy based products…

…then you should know that they are so high in estrogen which can deplete a male’s sex drive and maybe even render you infertile as it was found out that soy can lower a man’s sperm count.

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