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7 rules to follow in a difficult relationship

When you’re trying to figure out if you are going to be able to make your relationship work out, you’ve got to establish love rules to follow, especially in a difficult relationship. None of my relationships have been easy and it takes a lot of work to be with someone who might be opposite to you. It’s worth it though; you just have to make sure that you are paying attention to the love rules that each of you lay down. Are you ready to see how to make a difficult relationship work? Take a look below!

1. Respect Each Other

Respect is something that is huge – and I mean huge in any relationship, but it is especially huge in a difficult relationship. This should absolutely be the first of many love rules to follow in your relationship, especially if you are completely the opposite of each other. Respect that neither of you are going into this relationship easily and appreciate the differences (which we’ll get into) that each of you have!

2. Work on Understanding

A difficult relationship is never easy to slip into, but if you work on understanding not just each other, but on understanding the entire relationship dynamic, it will make it better. Lyndsie and I, over 7 years have finally figured out exactly what works and exactly what is hard for us to work through. Sure, we still have problems, but we’ve definitely worked out a lot of our issues through understanding each other better.

3. Know The Boundaries

In a relationship that is not rainbows and sunshine all of the time, you’ve got to understand boundaries. They are going to be what saves your relationship and what makes sure that you don’t end up fighting constantly. I didn’t know any boundaries when I first got into a relationship with Lyndsie and now? I understand when she’s in a bad mood, don’t constantly question it or don’t constantly try to come up with solutions for every problem.

4. Get The Differences

Remember that I said we’d get to the differences? Well, here we go! Differences are what make up any great relationship and they are truly what you should appreciate about each other – but they can be frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times Lyndsie does something that I don’t understand at all … but after a while, I’ll appreciate it because it was different than the way I would do it. Appreciate the differences, don’t get frustrated by them.

5. Go into It Knowing It’s Hard

So many people slip into a relationship with their opposite type thinking that it is going to be easy – it isn’t. It is going to be hard and you’ve got to understand that. You’ve got to realize that any relationship you get into is going to be worth fighting for – and while you might end up fighting a lot in the beginning, it’s all growing pains.

6. Don’t Take Each Other for Granted

The biggest problems in a lot of relationships is that you get comfortable and you just start to take for granted that your boy or girlfriend is going to stick around, no matter what. You can’t expect your difficult relationship to improve unless you put in the work and nobody is going to stay in a relationship where they aren’t happy – keep that in mind!

7. Learn Quirks

Quirks, moods, reactions are all things that you’ve got to learn and understand whenever you are in a relationship like this. You don’t want to say something that you find funny that your partner might take offense to, or poke fun at something that you think would be okay to poke fun at but they get upset about it. Learn the reactions, the quirks and all of their moods!

So, there you have it! Just a few of the different relationship love rules to follow if you are in a difficult relationship. It’s hard to be in a relationship like this – I know, but trust me when I tell you, it’s utterly worth it. So, what type of relationship are you in now? Could you use any of these rules?

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