7 rules to follow in a difficult relationship

3. Know The Boundaries

In a relationship that is not rainbows and sunshine all of the time, you’ve got to understand boundaries. They are going to be what saves your relationship and what makes sure that you don’t end up fighting constantly. I didn’t know any boundaries when I first got into a relationship with Lyndsie and now? I understand when she’s in a bad mood, don’t constantly question it or don’t constantly try to come up with solutions for every problem.


4. Get The Differences

Remember that I said we’d get to the differences? Well, here we go! Differences are what make up any great relationship and they are truly what you should appreciate about each other – but they can be frustrating. I can’t tell you how many times Lyndsie does something that I don’t understand at all … but after a while, I’ll appreciate it because it was different than the way I would do it. Appreciate the differences, don’t get frustrated by them.

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