7 rules to follow in a difficult relationship

difficult-relationshipWhen you’re trying to figure out if you are going to be able to make your relationship work out, you’ve got to establish love rules to follow, especially in a difficult relationship. None of my relationships have been easy and it takes a lot of work to be with someone who might be opposite to you. It’s worth it though; you just have to make sure that you are paying attention to the love rules that each of you lay down. Are you ready to see how to make a difficult relationship work? Take a look below!

1. Respect Each Other

Respect is something that is huge – and I mean huge in any relationship, but it is especially huge in a difficult relationship. This should absolutely be the first of many love rules to follow in your relationship, especially if you are completely the opposite of each other. Respect that neither of you are going into this relationship easily and appreciate the differences (which we’ll get into) that each of you have!


2. Work on Understanding

A difficult relationship is never easy to slip into, but if you work on understanding not just each other, but on understanding the entire relationship dynamic, it will make it better. Lyndsie and I, over 7 years have finally figured out exactly what works and exactly what is hard for us to work through. Sure, we still have problems, but we’ve definitely worked out a lot of our issues through understanding each other better.

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