Why I cannot stand Valentine’s Day!

The buzzer goes off at 5am, and like any other day, I slap the annoying alarm silent. My inner wish is to hurl the palm-sized clock into the wall, shattering the monotonous ticking into oblivion. But, it’s one of those things that you just can’t do because it would be socially unacceptable and the repercussions such as over-sleeping and showing up at work disheveled and late, would probably end my career.

Valentine’s Day is just like an annoying alarm clock. You wish you could take it and shove it up whoever-manufactured-the-holiday’s behind, but you can’t because that would mean no red roses, no heart-shaped chocolate, no expensive candlelight dinners and your girlfriend would probably dump you. It’d be the end of the World! Not.

Women definitely get the better end of the deal. Men are expected to plan something extravagant and surprise the ladies. Whether it’s a dinner or sending flowers to the office, the chic needs to feel emotionally validated in the full view of her colleagues.

How lame is that? Why does the man have to buy something generic like roses and chocolates to ensure their lady on Valentine’s know that they are loved; especially when love is something that cannot be bought?


For the record ladies, your men are most likely working very hard at this very moment to provide for your pretty-selves. Someone’s got to pay for your manicures, weaves, blow-outs, impromptu shopping trips and fuel. So what if I subconsciously forget about February 14th, I treat you like a Queen every other day. Isn’t that enough?

Sitting in my office, I’m wondering what am I supposed to do on Valentine’s anyways? Do I stick to my manly principles and pretend like the manufactured-holiday doesn’t exist, and risk hurting my girlfriend’s feelings and probably putting up with a month-long “Don’t talk to me” tantrum? Do I just pick up the phone and order some flowers like that television commercial suggests? Do I send a worthless SMS wishing her a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’?

Why is there so much pressure!

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  1. Avatar Polkot February 15th, 2014 at 11:43 am

    I too went SMS and she is yet to call me. My calls are not answered! Surely, choices have consequences.

  2. Avatar xris. February 15th, 2014 at 1:49 pm

    Like every other guy, I Loath Valentines day! What’s worse
    is going out on this day & your venue of choice becomes a living nightmare!

    Yesterday, my wife & I happened to be in Buru, & since the wife had
    earlier seen an ad in the papers by Jimlyzer, we decided to check it out,( the
    Bar & Restaurant that’s to left of the Main Hotel.) We entered & sat
    for more than 30mins without a single waiter in sight. Everyone was by now
    complaining. I took it upon myself to go look for one at the main counter &
    there I met several other agitated Men in my situation. The bar man, who was
    the only person here concerned about his clients, has a landline phone by his
    side & made desperate attempts to call staff to assist but to no anvil.
    When all this was happening the Manger/ Supervisor was busy animatedly chatting
    up the lady who roasts mutura just at the main bar, completely oblivious to his
    customers’ plight!!

    Downstairs at the butchery was worse, since the waiters seemed to be either on
    strike or determined to frustrate their guests, there was no one to deliver the
    meat upstairs, so we were gathered there, taking the meat ourselves!!

    My job entails that I travel quite a bit, so I have been to the remotest part
    of Kenya & other countries like India, but even in the remotest village, I
    have NEVER seen such pathetic, gross indiscipline & complete lack of
    customer care as this, not even in the Dingyst join!!! To say that the service
    here was bad would be an understatement, it was Pathetic!!The owner of this
    joint either has personal unsettled Domez with his staff, or something else is
    seriously wrong with this Bar & Restaurant! Why spend money placing ads. for
    your Restaurant only to frustrate your clients!? The advert should have read ”Jim
    lies to you on Valentine!!” Shame on you, Jimlies, SHAME ON YOU!! Please sack
    you entire Staff, starting with your so called Mgr!!


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