The “Images de France” Festival marks 11th anniversary in Nairobi


The Festival “Images de France” showcases acclaimed and recent French films. In Nairobi, this event will be marking its 11th anniversary and will take place at the Alliance Française of Nairobi from 14th to 17th February with a Valentine Day special screening of the César Awards nominated love story ‘Camille Redouble’ by Noémie Lvovsky. In Mombasa, the Festival will take place from 17th to 21st February, followed by Kisumu from 28th February to 2nd March and Eldoret from 7th to 9th March at the respective Alliances Françaises.

The Festival will in particular, premiere the French documentary ‘Sur le chemin de l’école’ (On the way to school) by Pascal Plisson, partly filmed in Kenya and featuring young Kenyan actors Jackson Saikong and his sister Salomé from Dol Dol. This picture is a symbol of the growing partnership between Kenya and France in the field of cinematography, thanks in particular to the cooperation agreement signed in may 2011, during the International Cannes Film Festival, between the Kenya Film Commission and its French counterpart. The other films include ‘Pop Redemption’ by Martin le Gall, ‘Pour une femme’ by Diane Kurys, ‘Du vent dans mes mollets’ by Carine Tardieu, and the 2013 César Award for the best sound ‘Cloclo’ by Florent-Emilio Siri. The latest film in the African-set adventure series of ‘Kirikou’, ‘Kirikou et les hommes et les femmes’ (Kirikou and the men and women) will be screened daily from Tuesday 11th to Friday 15th February, targeting students of French to enable them to enhance their French oral skills.

The film by French Director Pascal Plisson “Sur le chemin de l’école” will be screened at the closing ceremony of the French Film Festival “Images de France” on Monday 17th February 2014 at 6.30 p.m. at Alliance française in presence of the young Kenyan heroes Jackson Moloityan Saikon, 14 and Salomé Nasieku Saikon, 10.

The film highlights the plight of four kids from the corner of the earth, who all go through almost the same predicament of attaining education, not only to better their lives but also of the environment around them. Jackson, a 12 year old Kenyan Boy, and one of the stars of this film, has to cover 11 kms each day with his sister to reach school.

Since this film is the talk of town back in France with more than one million spectators in the country, it is our belief that it will be of great importance to the Kenyan public to know about this magnificent project that not only highlights on the plight of disadvantaged kids in accessing education but also on how they go about it.

Through this action, the French Embassy wishes to demonstrate its support in the promotion and support towards the concept of education for ALL, and to honor the brave kids who undergo big challenges to go to school.


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