Curvy Chronicles: Valentine’s Day Look Book. What to wear

NJAMZ-VALZValentine’s Day is around the corner again, this is the day we tend to feel our best or get to realize how lonely we really are. We choose to go with the positive aspect of the day and plan a hot date and dress to impress while at it .

This day usually ends up being a mystery and because men always tend to see the need to surprise their women with a night out, a cute romantic set up indoors or wine and dine them taking it back to the courting days. With all these options, we tend to always be at a loss of what to wear on the special day. Some of the dilemmas we face are…

Should I dress up or down?

Is it a black tie restaurant we’re going to or a regular restaurant?

Well… how about you just dress to impress whatever the plan for the day is.

Speaking on behalf of curvy girls…we always feel like we have to work twice as hard as everyone else to look amazing, but that should not be the case, you just have to be in tune with your body and know what flatters you shape.

I put together a few looks for you beautiful ladies to try out, because it is Valentine’s day and it is always represented by the color red. You do not have to follow the cliché, just do what makes you happy,  but the theme can be represented in subtle ways such as a red lip, shoes or accessories.

Sophisticated me

I paired a tuxedo blazer in ivory with a simple back tank top/camisole, faux leather midi skirt for the glam and a beaded statement necklace from Maasai market for some color and a red lip, with open toe booties.

If you have a black pencil skirt, black blazer and any color tank top, you can easily achieve this look.


Wine and Dine me

Find your fanciest dress and paint the town red with no reservations

Best of both worlds

Are you a little reserved but daring too, willing to push some barriers? Incorporate some sheer to your outfit or a high slit skirt or better yet show a little cleavage.


Stay Curvy and Confident



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