5 Valentine’s Day DON’Ts


Valentine’s day brings with it it’s own set of drama. While some people go to sleep very happy, satisfied people on this day some go to bed angry cursing that St. Valentine person and that little cupid baby. Well, to some it’s a day like any other. I mean Valentine’s day does have 24 hours just like any other day. But let’s not forget that it is also famously known as the day of love and there’s absolutely no way any of us can change that and  that being so there are rules on what to do and what not to do on Valentine’s day especially since the day often falls on a working day.

Valentines DON’TS


1. Do not call up your ex and ask to do something on Valentine’s day for old times’ sake just because you are not seeing anyone at the moment and you feel lonely and miserable because all your friends have something lined up for the evening.

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