4 Natural ways to grow back your eyelashes faster



Fluttering, long and full eyelashes have always been sought after in a woman’s search for beauty.  It has been said that the real beauty of the eye is defined by its eyelashes. Sparse and short eyelashes can draw attention away from one’s captivating eyes – now, who would want that?

Are your eyelashes thinning-out or becoming brittle?  Are you loosing your eyelashes due to health problems? Thanks to the tugging from wearing false eyelashes, drying mascara formulas and poor diets  – women are finding it difficult to maintain natural lashes.

Here are 4 natural ways to grow back your eyelashes faster:


A well-balanced diet will ensure your nutritional needs are met in order to promote healthy hair growth, in all areas of your body.


It’s time to swap out the mascara, which usually has a drying formula with a lash conditioner.  Look for conditioners with Vitamin A and B complex will strengthen lashes and assist in the regrowth process.

petroleum jelly


By dabbing some petroleum jelly on your eyelashes, you will stimulate the regrowth of the eyelashes.  Try also other natural lubricating oils such as Vitamin E for the same result.


This may get a little messy, but if you apply some olive oil to your lashes right before bedtime, the lubrication will also help with regrowth.  Make sure you remove the oil in the morning with makeup remover.





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