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Qualifications and justifications of Gold digging

(By Doris Dulo) Gold digger is a word used so loosely and aimlessly lately. I doubt if anyone knows the meaning of the word anymore. Let us take a little journey to find out the rules and terms of labeling someone a gold digger. Once we get that out of the way then if you still want to gold mine your fortunes then there are two ways of doing so.

Read this and you might just mint millions as a miner.

#Rule no 1

To the men, before you label someone a gold digger do you have any gold to be dug?

Ladies and gentlemen news flash it takes a Gold digger to know one. So can you dig any gold yourself?

#Batter Trade

You like my body, I like your money.

There is no difference between a gold digger and a man who is interested in you just for your looks. Is it not a fair exchange?


I don’t believe in the word Gold digger. There are people who actually care about money and nothing else. I blame the economy. No one wants to be poor. Schools, hospitals, food is always crappy expensive especially when you are a Kenyan citizen with no money.


There are some guys who use this term to run away from responsibilities. Pay your bills.

There is that saying, “You can provide without love but you can’t love without provision”

#A well can run dry

If however you are interested in mining… Be wise! Go where there is gold and mine your fortunes away. But remember the well will run dry a some point. So invest.

#Two ways to kill a rat

Alternatively, you can always look for the guy with the P. The P is the Potential. Now, this is a gamble. You could win or lose. It’s your victory or loss.

If you lose, you pick up the pieces, dust your feet and leave and hopefully go out and gamble some more.

You could actually win and  If you do win two things may happen. He will be rich and stay with you or he could go and look for a trophy girl.

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