Anti-rape underwear promises to provide peace of mind

ar wear

Developed by AR Wear, Anti-rape Wear was developed so that women and girls could have more power to control the outcome of a sexual assault. AR Wear suggests that wearing their underwear will offer some peace of mind in situations that cause feelings of apprehension, such as going out on a blind date, taking an evening run, “clubbing”, traveling in unfamiliar countries, and any other activity that might make one anxious about the possibility of an assault.

AR Wear believes that the tools of self-defense currently available are not effective in many common settings of sexual assault. Training in martial arts or products such as pepper spray, tear gas, stun guns, etc. can only help if the potential victim is extremely alert and bold when an attack occurs. Worse still, products of self-defense can be taken from the victim and used against her.

AR Wear’s goal is to offer a wide range of wearable items, which will include assorted types and styles of underwear, running shorts, traveling shorts, etc., suitable for different situations and the styles of individual users. The challenge was to design products that can be worn comfortably while still being able to frustrate an assault effectively. The garments must be very difficult for someone else to remove by either force or stealth (in situations where the victim cannot resist because she has had too much to drink, was drugged, or is asleep).

Check out these resistant to pulling, tearing and cutting underwear while still being comfortable to wear during normal activities and, as in the case of underwear, fit smoothly under form-fitting outer clothing below.

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  1. Avatar Lawrence Gichuki January 24th, 2014 at 2:28 pm

    If thieves can break into a bank’s strong room, what about an underwear? Lets be realistic! Thieves nowadays work with instructions. They tell you what to do. For example, “Remove your underwear”. They don’t care how you do it as long as you remove it and pave way for the long journey ahead. Just a thought anyway….

    1. Avatar Austin January 25th, 2014 at 11:19 am

      Hehe… nice one Gichuki


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