Noca Instrument rolls out thinner, slicker, powerful tablets

379657_751638544850964_5322With the ever available room for modifications in the tech world, Canadian company Noca Instrument (manufacturers of tablet PCs and computer components) recently unveiled their second generation tablets that come in a thinner, modish and powerful overall package. These latest versions come as improved versions of their predecessors which were already quality tablet PCs that offered users sufficient multimedia experience.

The second generation tablets all have quad core processors making them much faster than the first generation tablets which had dual core processors. They also run on the latest version of Android Operating System 4.4.2 KitKat which gives you an overall improved smarter Android experience. Android KitKat takes system performance to a new high by optimizing memory and improving your touchscreen  making it respond faster.It also comes with a more polished design and new smarter features making your Android experience feel like a walk in the park.

Noca Elite II

The noca Elite II is at the top of the Noca Instrument brand. It maintains a similar design as its predecessor, but with an upgraded classy hardware and an increased focus on software features.elite-ii

The 9.7” tablet features a high-definition screen with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels and speakers that allow for virtual surround sound listening of films, games and music. It has an improved camera of 2MP front and 5MP rear cameras whereas the first generation version of the tablet had 0.3MP front camera and 2MP rear camera. The camera app implements new features including new modes and an updated interface.

The Elite II has an added phone feature which lacked in the Elite I and a 16GB memory. This gives you a self-contained tablet feel.

It is now even easier to pair it with its detachable keyboard which can also be used to charge the device.

Price: USD450

Noca libri 7 II


The 7” tablet features a new sleek hardware and an increased focus on software features. It maintains its slim design making it the smallest most portable of the noca tablets trio.

It also has improved camera features and higher resolutions.

Noca libri II

Untitled-2The noca Libri II tablet is one chic tablet that will appeal to every eye with its sleek white finish. Pairing it with its wireless detachable keyboard will give you the ultimate PC feel, making your work easier especially if you are used to typing on an external keyboard.1466111_753326831348802_162

The 10.1” tablet features a wide-screen display that looks bright and sharp. It rests inside a body that is  thin (9.2mm) and light (0.46kg).

The Libri II has a striking higher resolution of 1280×800 pixels,  improved from its predecessor which has 1024x600pixels.

Price: USD 299

Led by their slogan “Why limit yourself?” Noca instrument aims at providing their users with gadgets that they can use easily and make their work easier by manufacturing quality standard and stylish gadgets that can be used for work, fun and staying in touch.

The company’s Founder and Global Chairman Collin Haughton explains that Noca Instrument will still manufacture the first generation tablets as they are still stylish, leading edge computer tablets that will appeal to many a consumer.

The noca tablets will be launched into the Kenyan market any time from March this year.

Visit Noca Instrument online at  and their Facebook page for more information.

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