How to be a better catch in 2014


The Urban Dictionary defines a “catch” as a spectacular find in marriage or dating. I define a catch as someone who has an attractive personality, a positive disposition, has passion/ambition in life and possesses a healthy sense of self worth and confidence.  A good filter: put simply, a catch is someone you’d want your brother or sister to date.


So how can you up your stock value in the dating world to be a better catch this coming year? Here are a few pointers:

#Ask Interesting Questions
Being an able conversationalist requires skill and practice. Communication is often described as the key ingredient to a healthy relationship, so if that ability is lacking, so will your ‘catch factor’.

You cannot build rapport by having a one-sided monologue or talking about gossip and trivial things. Connection requires lowering your defenses and showing vulnerability – it requires sharing. If you want to be more interesting, learn how to ask interesting questions. Think of questions that give people the opportunity to open up about themselves, their dreams, their fears, and their passions.


#Embrace Your Domestic Side
Man or woman, unless you’re financially willing and able to have hired help around you 24/7, you need to learn basic survival skills such as how to cook and clean up after yourself. Feminists, get over being offended that anyone suggests you know anything about being domestic. This is not about sexist gender roles – it’s about reality and survival.  Any human being should know how to take care of themselves whether they are single or in a partnership.

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