Website creates invisible girlfriend to combat nagging relationship status questions

invisible girlfriend

For those who currently are not dating or just don’t wish to and are tired of answering questions about their relationship status from friends and family, you can now set up a virtual girlfriend on

Your faux girlfriend will be supported by texts to voicemails to gifts to even social media interactions thanks to packages offered by Invisible Girlfriend.

With an aim to help those who’ve grown tired of nagging relationship status questions, Invisible Girlfriend creates “a reasonable story to tell others about a relationship, backed with credible virtual and real-world social proof.”

First conceived and built during a two-day Startup Weekend hackathon in St. Louis, Missouri, Invisible Girlfriend is not available to the public yet, but will be rolling out selected features to beta testers already signed up on the site.  Invisible Girlfriend is set to launch on Valentine’s day, 14th February, 2014.

For those looking for a faux boyfriend, don’t worry, is also coming soon.


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