Apparently Sex makes you smarter!


couple-bed-9Some people will argue that sex is like a miracle drug as it is said to help with stress, depression, helps burn calories and is a fun thing to do with a loving partner hence it’s a mood booster as it leaves you happy more often than not. To add on to all these pros a study recently found that…Sex makes you smarter!!!

The study was based on rats and mice and it was found to make them smarter and as we are closely related to vermin, the findings might as well apply to human beings.

Recently two separate teams of researchers, one at the University of Maryland, and the other at Konkuk University in Seoul, North Korea, found that sexual activity in those two groups of rodents “improves mental performance and increases neurogenesis (the production of new neurons in your brain). You need them to at least pretend you’re somewhat cognizant of your surroundings.

The part of the brain that benefited the most from sex, according to the studies, was the hippocampus, the place in your noggin where your longterm memories form, grow and thrive. Basically, all the great sex you have in your 30’s and 40’s is going to help prolong the memories of all the bad sex you had in your 20’s.

However, there was one drawback to the findings where brain cell growth wasn’t happening, and that was with “fake sex.” Fake sex, of course, being pornography. Apparently, any and all good stuff you do to your brain with actual sex can be wiped out by watching too much porn. One can’t truly be surprised by this considering from a very early age we’re taught that our best friend, the television, rots our brain. It seems that pornographic images, even in the smallest doses can mess up our “working memory,” and without our working memory, where do all those memories of bad sex in our 20’s go? Down the toilet, pretty much. This is where you need to pick your battle: what’s worth more? Porn or a nice clear memory?

While a lot of the findings were up for debate by other researchers, one thing everyone could agree on is that once you make new cells, it’s up to you to keep them living and going strong through mental training. But hey, based on what we’ve just read, whatever cells we destroy, we can just grow back with sex. It’s the circle of life: sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down, and sometimes you just need another reason to have sex several times a day.





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  • Polkot

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