Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ banned in Kenya


wolf on wall street

Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ has been banned or censored in several foreign markets, including in Kenya.

According to Hollywood Reporter, with 569 F-bombs (a record) and graphic sex scenes, the film  has been censored or edited-down dramatically in some foreign markets – namely Asian and Middle Eastern.

In Kenya, you will no longer get to see Wall Street powerhouse Jordan Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, and all of his escapades.

The Kenya Film Classification Board posted on their Facebook page:

“There is a LIMIT to everything and we believe the Kenyan public deserves better. WOLF OF WALLSTREET has been RESTRICTED. The film is NOT for sale, exhibition or distribution in KENYA. Violators shall be PROSECUTED.”

The Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) is a film content regulator working to ensure films conform to national values.  KFCB ensures that films and posters in the country are examined and classified before being reaching the public, monitors broadcast content for family friendly programming, issues certificates of approval and licenses to film distributors and exhibitors, develops and updates a catalogue of all films which have been rated, issues classification labels, carries our periodical inspections of film operator premises and provides consumer advice on protection of women and children against sexual exploitation in cinematography and on the internet.

What do you think about the ban?




  • Thats the BOY of Kenya, my prayers did not go unansweared. I knew with you there is no going wrong and no turning back. You made it. Kenya was hungry for another gold and indeed the Kenyans. You made it boy and you have made us proud! though you missed a point i guess when the lady from TV Norge asked you who was the support you talked about, you said you do not know about support, i believe the support was GOD?. Keep up and may God give you strenght to carry on. Was watching you live fronm Norway. Was proud to flay the Kenyan flag high where i was with tears on my cheeks, people around me thought i was nuts, but i was happy, happy indeed for you and for our motherland KENYA!

  • Arrogance Terminator

    Congratulations Rudisha and Kenya! As an American, I am disgusted with ESPN and other sport outlets for not covering this amazing feat. We are consumed with watching and paying overweight fat-a** baseball players hefty salaries, along with our football and basketball thugs. ESPN is obsessed with Penn State pedophilia, Women’s soccer and Lolo since it is run by over-privileged frat pukes. Rudisha ran almost 22 consecutive 40-yard dashes in 4.61 seconds – that is amazing! Not some frat boy claiming hitting a 90mph is the hardest thing to do in the world (what a joke). The US is on the fringe of being financially bankrupt, funny how we are already spiritually and morally bankrupt. The Romans use to throw sporting events to distract the masses. Same thing here in the US. Good luck to Kenya and Rudisha!

  • Thanks man! You have done us proud! Hongera, Rudisha kwa kurudisha sifa Kenya!

  • I am so disappointed by KBC by interrupting the Rudisha final and also the
    semifinal for the ladies. Shame, shame for letting down the over 80% of
    Kenyan viewers. Yes, Ecobank is your sponsor but interrupting the most important match of the day to air a commercial is GROSS!

  • Well done my Brother, u did Kenya proud. Well done

  • ABC

    Probably should mention the race he ran at least some point in the first half of the article. Nice job, David. Mutwiri, not so much.

  • nelson

    great he deserves a heroes welcome, salvaging us

  • Charles

    Maze, that is are remarkable feat you are indeed the captain of team Kenya Hongera!

  • Congrats Rudisha for making us proud!

  • Japhet kirimi

    Bravo to Rudisha, he deserves a heroes feast for his feat back home!

  • kadide

    oh yes,our Golden Boy had to Rudisha the gold.It belongs to Kenya yetu

  • singha1

    Thats bullshit, who are they to determine ‘national values’. I have my values and the crazy sensors have their values,but they should not impose their assumption of ‘national values’ to everyone.

    • joe

      I concur with your argument. Who said ‘national values’ are my personal values! I’m not paying ‘national tax’ for these kind of f***ing s**t rullings from the KFCB!

  • Partisan

    I already Watched, i am sure pirates will put this to every Kenyan with a DVD. KFCB should stick to Papa Shirandula and Cobra squad stupidity, This wolf of wall street is very educative movie for the youth in relation to going out of their way to be creative and entrepreneurial. BTW how did they know it had sex content?

  • Ki Mtu

    Glorification and rewarding of corruption, political lies killing hundreds of keny and daily and you say less than 2 hours of fiction is bad to ‘our values’. What exactly are ‘Kenyan values’?

  • IT OUT IT 22

    Done to death cheap thrills from the decades STALE Scorsese.

    Reheated, decades cold droppings from Oliver Stone.

    Birdbath deep DiCaprio.

    TOTAL waste of time.

  • dadama

    That’s a sack of bullshit!!! I’m still going to download it from the internet and watch and there’s nothing the government can do about it!!!

  • Doll

    Downloading it already..aint nobody got time for KFCB!

  • wanjiru

    eish, seriously? what are we, a nanny state then? Please Film Board, I’s a grown up, let me make up my own mind!

  • Original

    Kudos KFCB. I fully support this decision. For those who are offended by this ban, I agree that there are evils going on in Kenya just like in any other country. To permit more evils just because there already exists some other evils is despicable. Just how low can we go?

    • MbossWeh

      Take your nanny mentality far away!

  • anonymous

    we are not in north korea….an artist’s work should not be censored, instead let individuals choose what to view and what not to view!!!

  • anonymous

    im downloading now!!! let the kenya film(don’t know the whole name and not interested) sue me

  • Joseph Wahome

    Whoa. What complete nonsense. Logically, in order for this ban to happen, someone actually sat through the whole film, and then afterwards decided that other people couldn’t, or shouldn’t, sit it through just like himself or herself. This is the 21st Century, and such backward thinking is no longer acceptable. If anything, this ban will only ensure that the Kenyan Curiosity about the film will be heightened, and anyone with an internet connection will get it from the torrent sites. So KFCB can go get stuffed.

  • Dennis King’ori

    Kenya filwhat??!!s that a retirement home or a dumb ol’folks home?Its the 21st century,and to up your vocab here are two words 4 you, right after you google ‘how to google’…FAIBA,TORRENTZ!

    • joe

      It is a retirement home! Tell me, what education qualities must you have to rate a film! Anyone can do it! Therefore, I don’t see any relevance in KFCB (Kenya Fried Chicken Board)!

  • Betty Yegon Michael™

    Total Bollox!

  • Koclito

    these stiffs never learn…in the history of entertainment…whatever has been banned usually just increases its popularity…generally human beings hate being told what to do…on that note I now just have to watch it…they were better just shutting up about it…

  • golditberg

    Three well regulated Wolfs per county, per year, and railway projects zitajaa Kenya. I, suddenly, have a growing urge to see what KFCB or the COFEK of movies missed. Mara Esther Mwanyigah’s billboard is removed, sasa tena the biography of greed.

    I have to see it!

  • MbossWeh

    I have always maintained that, if the African child was exposed to liberating culture, where freedom, creativity, rebellion, history, the arts and culture were allowed to thrive, Africa would be a very different place. We have been confined to fears, intellectual boundaries, don’t ask don’t tell kind of culture that restricts broader thinking and understanding of the world.

    It is appalling that this NON-ENTITY calling itself KFCB makes such backward statements, purporting to be protecting national values. It is your role to empower people through film, not restrict and prescribe what is good and and what is wrong. Leave that to Clerics!

  • mia

    The movie is already online… so that makes no sense. infact it makes people want to watch it more simply becoz it is banned… if some1 wants to watch it they can… people need to realise it is 2014 and not the 60s anymore… welcome to life

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