5 beauty tips that will help you tame the Summer heat


With the January heat in Kenya hitting unbearable highs, how does one ensure their beauty, makeup and hair will all keep looking amazing, no matter what temperature it is outside?

Here are 5 beauty tips that will help you fend off the Summer heat:

Taming shine

Your face glows of moisture and excess oil being secreted out of your dilated pores – don’t you hate it when that happens?  Instead of using a rich cleanser that you’re use to using for dry and cold weather, change it up, use foaming gel cleansers and oil-free lotions with SPF.

Lighten your makeup

Instead of caking your pores with medium to full coverage makeup like thick foundations and cream lipsticks, try using only tinted moisturizers, cheek stains and gloss for the lips.  You’ll notice that even with the heat, your natural beauty will be able to shine through without looking dull.  If you find that your makeup is still sliding off because you have naturally oily skin, then apply primer first.


To avoid meltdowns and smudges, use waterproof eyeliners, mascaras and even concealers.

Repairing sun-damaged hair

Boost moisture in your locks with leave-in condition daily.  For severe sun-damage, to the point where your hair colour has lightened and split ends seem to be a few more, head to the salon for a deep-treatment mask for your hair.

Smell fresh, not musky

Your regular perfume may not mix very well with your over-worked sweat glands since your usual antiperspirant may not be enough to tame the heat.  Try fresh body sprays and clinical-strength antiperspirants.

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