Gadget: Who needs keys when your smartphone unlocks your door?


Introducing the Goji Smart Lock, which takes pictures of who is at your door and automatically sends you picture alerts to your mobile phone, providing you with real-time information about who is accessing your home.

A real-time app and text notifications about all the activity around your Goji Smart Lock to your mobile phone are also available. If you need to review who’s been at your home for any reason, all activity is recorded and logged by the system, and it is available for review at any time via the Goji Mobile App or from your online account.

With Goji, you can send access to your home to anyone via text or email, and you can set up the access to be unlimited or to include specific date/day and time parameters. No more worrying about getting back your keys from your house help or sub letters. With Goji, you can securely send access to houseguests or home service professionals so they can access your home using their mobile phones. You can cancel or change the access parameters at anytime.

Goji also works with all smartphone platforms making it easy for everyone.  Perhaps the best part maybe that you’ll never have to dig in your purse or pocket for keys again!


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