6 sure signs he likes you


Dating is always such a delicate dance. You don’t want to make the wrong move, and God forbid you take the wrong step that causes you to fall. Dating is a hormonally charged experience that involves a lot of guessing, hoping and wondering if and how much the other person likes you. While women can spend hours deciphering the different hidden meanings a one-sentence text message has, the truth is, there is not much science in figuring out if the apple of your eye is in to you…

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If a guy likes you:

  1. He will call you. No, your phone isn’t broken. No, his text message/email didn’t get lost in cyberspace. He simply hasn’t tried to contact you. And if for some reason the cyber boogyman intercepted his message from hitting your inbox, he will eventually try to contact you a second time. Men who like you will initiate communication with you.
  2.  He will try to see you. If a guy is into you, he will make the effort to see you again. It doesn’t matter how busy he is, if he feels that getting to know you is a priority, he will make time in his schedule to meet you.
  3.  He will touch you. Observe his body language as it speaks volumes. When a guy is interested, he will make subtle body contact. For example, he may lightly touch your arm or gently place his hand behind your back or waist. High fives and elbow nudges don’t count.
  4.  He will make future plans with you. When a man is interested in you, he will want to secure seeing you again and will likely do so before the first date is over. He will find a common interest and suggest “We should do that…” Even if he doesn’t solidify plans right then and there, he will  allude to future plans with you in it.
  5.  He will text you out of the blue. Perhaps he saw something that reminded him of you. Perhaps he’s trying to start a conversation. Regardless, random, spontaneous texts show that for whatever reason it may be, he is thinking of you.
  6.  He will ask you out. No explanation required. Men who like you will ask you out. True, you may need to give him some indicators that you are not going to flat out reject him (because most men are secretly quite afraid of rejection from a woman). So throw a dog a bone, and sit back. If he’s into you, he’ll initiate making plans with you

“Guys don’t speak code. If he is into you HE WILL LET YOU KNOW. Everything else is you making up stories. Sorry ladies.”

Sima Kumar




Authored by Amy of justmytype.ca

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