Skip the gym and have more sex to lose that holiday weight


Researchers from the University of Quebec in Canada through a study have found that men expend 120 calories during half an hour of sex and women use up 90 through their study, Energy Expenditure During Sexual Activity In Young Healthy Couples .

The scientists recruited 20 heterosexual couples, aged 18 to 35, to have sex once a week for a month and to jog on a treadmill for 30 minutes. They were fitted with armbands to measure how much energy they were expending and filled in questionnaires to record their enjoyment.

The findings from the study showed that the calories lost while ‘sexcercising’ to be just under half the amount they would burn in a 30-minute jog. For brief periods during sex, some men used more energy than they did while on the treadmill.

The study also found that on average, men burned 4.2 calories a minute during sex compared to 9.2 on the treadmill. Women burned 3.1 calories a minute during sex and 7.1 jogging.

These results suggest that sexual activity may potentially be considered, at times, as a significant exercise.

Both men and women from the experiment reported that sexual activity was highly enjoyable and more appreciated than the 30-minute exercise session on the treadmill.

‘Therefore, this study could have implications for the planning of intervention programs as part of a healthy lifestyle by health care professionals.’

The scientists said: ‘Sexual activity is an important and relevant activity to human life and appears to impact on the mental, physical and social health as well as the quality of life of the individual.

‘Considering that sexual activity may be one of the most regularly practised activities throughout an individual’s lifetime, it seems important to conduct research on this topic.’



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