iWatch is 2014’s most anticipated gadget

Though Apple’s smart watch project, iWatch, is still in development, the gadget has already made wearable technology the latest craze. The new device is expected to hit store shelves in late 2014.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has a team of approximately 100 product designers working on the smart watch project.

Possible Features

In another Bloomberg article, it was revealed that the smart watch project may include biosensors and mapping features.  Whether the iWatch will run on a “full” version or a simpler operating iOS system is yet to be seen.  Rumours of iWatch featuring a curved screen came to light when Corning announced their manufacturing readiness for 3D-shaped Gorilla Glass, sparking more speculation.

What is for certain though with one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2014 is that the smart watch project will be dubbed “iWatch” after all with Apple processing trademarks in Russia, Japan and other countries.

Check out some of these iWatch concepts – which one do you prefer?


iWatch concept by ADR Studio

 iwatch martin-hajek-curved-iwatch-concept-2014

iWatch concept by Dutch designer Martin Hajek

Watch Cantor Fitzgerald Global Head Technology Hardware and Software Brian White and Bloomberg’s David Kirkpatrick discuss mobile tech and their outlook for Apple in 2014 below:


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