Beach footwear: Eye-catching unique slippers for his and hers

What can you wear on your feet to the beach that will set you apart from the crowd this holiday season?

Check out these unique beach-friendly footwear:



High Tide Heels. These shoes, a combination of high heels and flippers, were created by Belgian artist Paul Schietekat for an exhibition in 2006.


beach sandals

No straps, no heels, no laces. Your naked feet is fully visible (and susceptible) to the elements. In fact, it will feel like walking barefooted, only in this case, the floor sticks to your feet. This uncovered and unconventional slipper is made of a soft molded rubber that promises to cling to your feet even while you are chasing after a bus.  The secret is the rounded slot that fits snugly into your toe cleavage.

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