The age difference: does it really matter?


“I have never and will never date a younger guy. Most of the friends I hang out with are usually older so I don’t see how I will date a younger man. I wouldn’t mind a fling but nothing more serious. I think older guys are more focused, mature and grounded and can handle me. Its okay to kick it with younger guys, but only for fun.”



“I dated a chic five years older than I was. Though at the beginning we didn’t know each other’s age, it still worked out. The (age) difference was not an issue even though she earned more than I did. We broke up later but because of other issues.”



“I was seven years younger than my ex and age was rarely an issue. I loved her coz’ she knew what she wanted out of life and the relationship and was not shy to go for it. I liked her maturity and we connected on so many levels.”



“I am dating a chic seven months older and it has never been an issue. It has come up in our conversations but it’s not something I thought was a barrier when I asked her out.

The age difference is now a source of inside jokes. But even though she is older, she is comfortable with me taking the lead in the relationship.”


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