The age difference: does it really matter?

When I got my first job, I met this beautiful lady in the organization I joined. We clicked almost immediately and feelings soon followed. We shared so much in common; we connected intellectually, emotionally and had similar values. A fling was inevitable. But I just couldn’t ask her out simply because she was older. Four years older to be exact.


I couldn’t convince myself ‘age is just a number.’ In spite of the flood of emotional and physical feelings, the thought that she was older suppressed the desire to get into a relationship. We discussed the age issue and she din’t seem to mind the age gap. But I was in control of the ‘friendship’ so I killed off the relationship after we moved to different organizations.


Years later, I bumped into her, exchanged contacts and picked up from where we left off. This time, the artificial age barrier evaporated after a few dates, and we started going out. The fact that I was older and looking to settle down somewhat played a part in my decision. Of course she looked hotter, which was not a bad thing at all.


A friend helped put the whole scenario in perspective; “If you meet your dream woman, but she is older, wouldn’t it be a minor compromise compared to other critical factors?”

Unfortunately, the relationship didn’t last. We broke up a year later but not because of the age gap. But I learnt my lesson; (reasonable) age difference is a barrier that only exists in our minds.


But maybe that’s me. So I asked a few friends what they thought about the age difference factor.



“I have dated a younger man before. He was four years younger but I din’t have an issue and neither did he. However, there is a difference between an older and younger guy. The older guy has different priorities…he wants to settle down, is thinking about starting a family. The young guy is hyper and less conservative but not necessarily immature as some people say.”


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